President and Chief Executive Officer – Mr Abdul Rauf Tabani


Mr Abdul Rauf Tabani is the founder and president of the TTI group. He completed his Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) from NED University of Engineering and Technology, and Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) from Karachi University (1981). His experience in engineering has helped him in the fields of production and manufacturing of goods such as garments (denim jeans, shirts), towels and bed sheets. He has also been instrumental in the provision of reconstructed COBP to Pakistan Steel Mills.

Besides manufacturing and production Abdul Rauf Tabani was elected Vice Chairman to the largest private airline in Pakistan, “Aero Asia”. Besides his fourteen years of experience in the aviation industry, Mr Tabani has also dappled in the fields of power generation, automobiles, oil, gas, chemicals, fertilizers, cement, sugar, power, pharmaceuticals and shipping projects.

Over the past thirty years he has held a number of positions of importance. Some of these are listed below:


Þ   Honorary Consul of Republic of Belarus in Pakistan (2012 till present)

Þ   Honorary Consul of Republic of Tajikistan in Pakistan (1997-2010)

Þ   Founder President & Member of Pakistan Sri Lanka Business Forum

Þ   Founder President & Member of Pakistan Russian Business Forum

Þ   Founder Secretary General Consular Corps Sind, Pakistan

Þ   Founder Member of Pakistan Romania Business Council

Þ   Member of Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & industries.

Þ   Member Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industries

Þ   Member Pakistan Institute of Research on Quality

Þ   Member of Institute Of Engineer

Þ   Member of Pakistan Engineering Council

Þ   Member of The Chartered Institute of Transportation

Þ   Member of Memon Professional Forum

Þ   World Bank’s Chief Coordinator for Aviation from Pakistan (2000-2001).


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